Infrigement Policy

Infringement Policy

SURFMii is committed to respecting the rights of copyright and trademark holders. SURFMii responds to notices of copyright infringement in accord with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and uses a similar process for trademark infringement claims.

Any sharing of copyrighted material without proper licensing or permission from the owner/author/software manufacturer is prohibited by law. Any persoon accused of copyright violation or infringement will be required to resolve matters on their own without involvement from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).

What is Copyright?

Copyright is legal protection of intellectual property, in whatever medium, that is provided for by the laws of the United States to the owners of copyright. Types of works that are covered by copyright law include, but are not limited to, literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, pictorial, graphic, film and multimedia works. Many people understand that printed works such as books and magazine articles are covered by copyright laws but they are not aware that the protection extends to software, digital works, and unpublished works and it covers all forms of a work, including its digital transmission and subsequent use.


To report trademark infringement, send us a written notice that includes

a) The specific trademark you believe is being infringed,

(b) Detailed information about the trademark you believe is infringing your trademark and where you saw that infringing trademark,

(c) Your name, address and email address,

(d) Statements that are the equivalent to #4 and #5 above but as to the trademark instead of a copyright,

(e) A physical or electronic signature meeting the requirements of #6 above, and

(f) The serial or registration number of your trademark if it has been registered.